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The Contemplative Edge Community

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Create change from the inside out with wholeness, aliveness, wisdom and joy

About Us

If ever there was a time to create change from a different place of being, it is now. It is time to engage and create with wholeness, aliveness, wisdom, presence and joy. It is time to create from the Contemplative Edge.

The Contemplative Edge exists within alert stillness. It is the place where perspective expands, possibilities emerge and inspired creative action becomes clear. It is not so much a destination as a way of being—one that requires practice, a willingness to play and experiment, and the courage to go within and connect to yourself at the deepest level so that you can relax into not knowing, find and express your wisdom and truth, and take inspired action.

The Contemplative Edge Community is a place where you can come to explore and play and practice safely while connecting with others around the world who are doing the same. It is a place where individual and collective wholeness, aliveness, wisdom and presence emerge.

Why Join Us

If you want to bring more of a contemplative edge into your life and work while learning with others who are doing the same, then the Contemplative Edge Community is for you.

We provide a regular pause in life's busyness to help you build a regular reflective and contemplative practice. We are not a religious group, though the depth of inner connection to yourself and the strength of the group field that often emerges in our gatherings could, in some sense, be called spiritual. This is however what we call essence, emergence, and learning to sense into and work with the deeper currents of life. We draw on a wide variety of ideas and traditions, secular and non-secular, modern and ancient, east and west, always looking for the contemplative threads and deeper wisdoms that have relevance to our current age of shift and transformation so that we can each create change win purposeful and joyful flow.

What To Expect

Playful Provocations: Short reflective prompts on monthly themes will help you pause, contemplate and deepen your reflective practice.

Community Gatherings: Monthly Zoom gatherings will enable you to come together with community members to explore and reflect on the monthly theme, engage in non-ordinary conversation, group contemplation and creative dialogue. These are powerful spaces of shared presence in which you can connect deeper into yourself and to what matters with others from around the world. You'll come away inspired, recharged and more whole/integrated.

Contemplations: Contemplative passages and podcasts will be shared periodically to encourage you to drop into deeper inquiry, shift your balance between being and doing, and relax into not knowing for a while so that deeper wisdom and knowing can emerge. Guided reflections and contemplations will also be available that you can listen to and use as and when needed.

Group Coaching Call:  Once a month we'll gather for a group coaching call with a twist, where you'll have an opportunity to receive coaching from Rashmir and support each other.

And more: As the community grows, additional workshops and offerings will be added to support you in living and working at the contemplative edge. 


The Contemplative Edge Community emerged from a series of small group gatherings offered by Rashmir Balasubramaniam in 2020 to give people space to slow down and reflect on a variety of timely themes, topics and ways of being. Rashmir, who coaches and advises leaders of societal transformation, was also exploring the hypothesis that many of the capacities we need to transform our world are innate but underdeveloped and lie not just within individuals but within groups. The three most powerful gatherings were on the topics of silence, love and difference. Each gathering resulted in personal shifts for the participants and a felt sense that something important had happened, something that was much needed in the world. 

And so the Contemplative Edge Community was born to build on and take this work forward in a variety of ways. I hope you'll join us and help create a future born from beyond the limitations of our current actions and imaginings, a future informed by the Contemplative Edge.

Membership Options

Sign up with a monthly or annual subscription.  You can easily cancel your membership at any point if it no longer feels fun and useful for you.

Whatever you decide, thank you for bringing a contemplative edge to the world at a time when it is much needed.

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